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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк

Message from CEO

To avail the 14th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar City Bank, on behalf of the Bank I am forwarding my warmest greeting to our customers and extending my compliment for your constant support, close collaboration, and trustfulness since the engagement of the operation.
Since the establishment, the Bank held policies of optimal organization structure, oversight of its expenditure, and its efficient planning in order to intensify and expand its operation, which resulted toearn high returns, build potential capacity, and dramatically increase its productivity – one of fundamental economic factors. 
In order to be a potential competitor in the sector, we have replaced our previous registration system by introducing state-of-art and internationally accepted financial accounting programs and software.
The most importantly, we constantly held strategies to tighten its cooperation with our customers, offering new financial products based on their needs, expanding services of syndicated financing, project and trade financing, investment, and increasing its branches.
I am delighted to share our vision to keep upthe most valuable achievements ofknowledge, skill, and experience, which we have accumulated and to offer sophisticated services and products to our customers for their convenience.
Our theBoard of Directors and Shareholders will persistently continue their faith on you.

Once again I would like to present my deepest gratitude.

Sincerely yours,
Enkhmend A.



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Эрхэм харилцагч нарын анхааралд /2018.12.29-ний өдрийн цагийн хуваарь/
Бусад мэдээлэл
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