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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк

Salary loan

Employees of legal entities which provides their salary by using our bank’s payment card can have loan by placing their expected income as collateral.

Loan conditions:
Term Loan amount Monthly interest rate Service fee Collateral
Up to 24 months

12 times of net salary or up to MNT 8 million.

1.8-2.3% 1% Expected income and legal entity’s guarantee
Amendment to the contract 0.5 %
Application fee 1000
Where the borrower have paid the previous loan after at least 6 months, the later interest would decrease to 0.1%.
Upon cooperation agreement with the company, above condition may be changed.

  • Income amount stated in loan application is properly recorded in Social insurance book;
  • Financiall capable to pay of the loan within contract term;
  • No existing payment obligation over salary at the time of loan;
  • Works under Employment contract for employer;
  • Worked more than a year for current employer;
  • Other requirements
Required documents:
  • Salary loan application form (Bank form);
  • Salary statement (Bank form);
  • Copies of personal and employment ID;
  • Copy of Social insurance book;
  • Copy of health insurance book where government special officel who has no social insurance book;
  • Family members statement (new borrower);
  • Photo 1 copy;
  • Other documents deemed necessary by the bank;

Further information:
Ulaanbaatar City Bank
Telephone: 1800-1800


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