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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк

Business small loan

Financial need for expansion of small business operator legal entities and individuals.

Loan conditions:

Amount Monthly interest Term Collateral
The amount of loan depends on the scope of business, investment and financial ability Interest rate Foreign currency Up to 24 months Real estate, movable properties and guarantee
1.8-2.3 MNT
1.3-2.0 USD
1.5-2.0 CNY
Service fee Application fee
Up to MNT 500 million or equivalent foreign currency  More than MNT 500 million or more effective equivalent foreign currency MNT 10,000
 0.5%  0.25%


Should have been conducting successfully and continouesly its business for more than a year, carry out business in local community, have permenant sales channel, and have no overdue loan for any other banks, and/or non banking financial institutions.

Required documents:

  • 1% photo;
  • Residential address confirmation;
  • License to conduct business;
  • State registration certificate;
  • Co-owner’s consent /if available/;
  • Proof of income;
  • Ownership documents of collaterals;
  • Confirmation respective registration authority that no lien over the property;
  • Other necessary documents

Further information:
Ulaanbaatar City Bank
Retail bankinig department

Tel: 319041


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