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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк

Business loan

This loan is dedicated to legal entities and/or individuals who want to expand its business, increase working capital, and able to pay loan payment from its business incomes.

Loan condition:

Amount Term Collateral
Min Max Interest rate Currency Depending on business feature, and project type, the term shall be determined flexible.

Real estate, other properties, and guarantee

Up to MNT100
The amount shall be determined based on business scale, financial conditions. We will offer flexible rates which compatable in the market. MNT

Requirements of borrower:

Should have been conducting successfully and continouesly its business for more than a year, carry out business in local community, have permenant sales channel, and have no overdue loan for any other banks, and/or non banking financial institutions.

Loan discounts and promotation:

For borrower who used its previous loan for at least 6 months and successfully paid off, interest rate for next loan shall decrease 0.2% respectively

Further information:
Ulaanbaatar City Bank
Telephone: 319041


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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк “ПОС машины орлого барьцаалсан зээлийг” зах зээлд анх удаа нэвтрүүллээ.
Эргэлтийн Хөрөнгийн Зээлийн хүү буурлаа

Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк “Эргэлтийн Хөрөнгийн Зээлийн” хүүгээ бууруулж, хөнгөлөлттэй нөхцөлийг та бүхэнд санал болгож эхэллээ.

Бусад мэдээлэл
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