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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк

Current account

Open a current account with no charge at Ulaanbaatar city bank and use our fast, reliable transfer for your payments. We offer following services with current accounts:
  • International and domestic transfer;
  • Accrue interest on balance;
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal;
  • Monitor your account with our Mobile, Smart and Internet banking services.
  • Get a discount on currency exchange trading;
  • Make transfers at branch located nearest to you;
  • Needless to carry account certificate;
  • Cash collecting service;
  • Accrue salary cards (credit) for employees;
  • Get an account statement;
  • Get an account guarantee and statements;

Regarding your request, bank will issue reference, information, enquiry from bank archive on detailed MNT and foreign currency slip.
Fees and commission:
*Current account interest rate shall be determined upon negotiation with the company.

Service condition of current account:
Current account No fee
Minimum remnant 20,000 20 100 10,000 10 500 10,000
Annual interest rate For average remnant of
MNT 10,000,000 or more
For average remnant of
USD 10,000 or more
Cash withdrawal MNT 100 0.25% 0.2% 0.35%  1.5% 0.35%
Transaction ( Intra bank ) MNT 500 USD 0,5 Amount equivalent to USD 0.5 
Cash collection upon agreement 0.1-0.3%
Book keeping fee ( Quarterly ) 4,000
Terminating account fee MNT 3,000
Required materials:
  • Application form /From bank/
  • Signature specimen /notarized copy should be delivered after opening the account/ Company stamp
  • Notarized copy of state registration certificate /account number indicated/ 
  • 1 copy of photo, 3*4 cm /Personnel of signature specimen/
  • Other.

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Сар шинийн өдрүүдэд ажиллах салбар
Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк харилцагчиддаа зориулж кредит картаа шинэчлэн гаргалаа

Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк 500,000-5,000,000 төгрөг хүртэл зээлжих эрхтэй кредит картыг зах зээлд шинэчлэн гаргасан байна

Эрхэм харилцагчдын анхааралд
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