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Улаанбаатар Хотын Банк


      Ulaanbaatar City Bank, first established by the "Ulaanbaatar Fund" State Owned Company in 1999, for the 19th consecutive year is providing all kinds of financial services to individuals and legal entities resident of the Capital city.

      Throughout these years the bank took concrete steps as our mission to provide services and bank products to meet the requirements of our customers.

      Based on assets and deposits growth figures of the bank, number of our current and deposit account holders have been increasing year on year basis and currently we rank as the fifth largest among other commercial banks in Mongolia.

      As of today, Ulaanbaatar City Bank deliver its services via more than 250 employees throughout its 25 settlement centers, units and card center in respective districts of the City.

      As of June 30, 2013, net profit of the Ulaanbaatar City Bank was MNT 7,76 billion and return on equity stood at 15.25%.

      Furthermore, risk weighted capital adequacy ratio of Ulaanbaatar City Bank was 20.43%, which is considerably higher than the prudential ratio set at 12% by Mongolbank and Ulaanbaatar City Bank enjoys a strong financial position, high liquidity, international investment and maintains adequate loan to deposit ratio, receiving high regard on risk evaluation from the Mongolbank, a trustworthy bank.

      In last decades, we have been actively participating in the annual auto vechicle inspection and census by deploying own resources and collecting tax revenue on auto vehicles and self-moving vehicles to the state budget by setting up tax collection units in 6 districts in the capital territory.

      In order to implement the Government approved "Direction to Develop Production in Local Area", "Program on Supporting SME", the Ulaanbaatar City Bank has entered into Collaboration Agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Light Industry as well as the Governors Office of the Ulaanbaatar City in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Within the framework, the Bank has extended credit in the amount of MNT40.2 billion to over 280 business entities and individuals. We believe these financing created new 1100 job positions and kept active 2500 jobs.

The Bank provides financing to the construction companies as well as access to the housing financing for individuals through its mortgage loans.

Interpretation of Khangardi

       Hangarid or Garuda is a symbol of stability and as the capital city expands further and prospers, its fame and glory will spread throughout the world. On the forehead of the Garuda is the Soyombo symbol, which is also found on the national flag of Mongolia. The Garuda bird is depicted holding in its right hand a key, which symbolizes prosperity and openness, and on the left hand the Garuda is holding a lotus flower, which is a symbol of equality and purity. The garuda is holding a snake in its claw feet, which means that evil and bad will not be tolerated.


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